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Reyad Hossin
Apr 11, 2022
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Twitch is a streaming platform owned by Amazon. Despite belonging to one of the pages that generates the most traffic on the internet, the appearance individual email list of Twitch went quite unnoticed and very few companies considered including it in their digital marketing strategies . However, now it is believed that it could be one of the great trends in digital marketing for the coming years, so we explain everything about this platform. Do you want to know the 222 digital marketing trends and predictions that will change the landscape of our sector in 2022 ? Click here and download the free ebook that we have prepared for you with all the information. In this video we talk about how to do advertising and marketing on Twitch How does Twitch work? Twitch has more than 17.5 million daily active users and a large part of them use this platform to watch videos of gamers playing live. Although it is also noteworthy that other themes have managed to make room for themselves on this great platform, such as DIY, music or lifestyle, among others. With so many active users and with these prospects for continued growth, Twitch has become quite an attractive channel for digital marketing companies . The operation of Twitch is quite simple . A gamer broadcasts his game live while making comments and interacting with the public through chat . This same mechanic applies to other themes. Users, for their part, may follow a Twitch streamer for various reasons: their knowledge or skills in the subject matter, their charisma and personality, or both. When a streamer achieves a loyal audience, their broadcasts are regular and their content is of quality and complies with all the rules and conditions of the platform, they can become a partner or influencer . It is these figures that allow the integration of advertising and marketing actions on Twitch . Marketing-Twitch Types of advertising on Twitch Twitch is a good place to promote yourself, as it is estimated that more than 80% of users consider sponsorships or advertising content to be positive . Most of the advertising reaches users through partners or sponsors, although influencers also play a fundamental role in this field. In any case, it is essential to analyze the content transmitted by the streamer to find the type of audience you want to reach. If we talk about video games, the public that follows a streamer specialized in sports games will most likely have different needs than the public that is fond of role-playing games. Sponsors o partners Partners , also known as sponsors , are streamers who already have a loyal and growing audience, have a constant and regular number of weekly broadcasts and broadcast content that complies with the platform's rules and conditions. Those who meet these three requirements will be able to insert ads with a maximum duration of 8 minutes in their videos. These ads can be pre-roll, mid-roll or end of streaming, concepts that we will explain later.