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Maichel David
Apr 10, 2022
In General Discussions
In 2014, iQIYI first proposed the concept of online big movies, marking the beginning of a new film industry; it is an exaggeration to say that everyone can make movies, but the Internet University has indeed greatly lowered the threshold for filming. . In 7 years, the annual output of online movies during the peak period exceeded 2,000, and the market size has also increased from 100 million yuan in 2015; by 2019, it will exceed 3 billion yuan, and the growth rate is amazing, although it is still a small business. A few years ago, the big online movies ate the dividends of the theme. Because they are almost unregulated, many online movies are the existence of the edge ball with pornography and violence; tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands can be made for one, and hundreds of thousands of dollars can Fax List be made. It is a large-scale production, and such things are of course shoddy. But the advantage lies in light production, and it attracts attention. Everyone is a person who is addicted to vulgar fun and cannot extricate themselves. Who can guarantee that when a video introduction that seems to be full of passion appears on Youku, you can't help but click it. At that time, online movies didn’t have much on the table, but they were a bit like Chinese B-level movies. The themes that theater movies couldn’t touch, online movies could keep up with; It's easy to see what Hollywood blockbuster Oscar plot, but just have some fun. In the early days, iQIYI shared the account with the producer, using "six minutes" as the effective time point for users to click. If the user watched a movie for more than six minutes, the producer could get a share; so the producer would use the thriller, excitement, etc. The clips are all packed into the first six minutes; as to whether the logic of the whole film is reasonable and whether the acting is online, that is not something they need to consider.