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Apr 10, 2022
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Yesterday, the Xiaohongshu Business Ecology Conference came to an end. As a review of Xiaohongshu's ecological trends throughout the year and a new year's marketing trend, what are the contents of the conference that deserve the attention of brands? Next, I will think together with fax number database the brands, what the grass-growing ecology of the Xiaohongshu platform means to consumers and brands, what role does Xiaohongshu play in the entire brand marketing process, and fax number database how does Xiaohongshu work? Promote the birth of new consumer goods. 1. Consumers move to the front, and new consumption scenarios continue to emerge Looking back at the new consumer goods that were born and became popular in the past five years, It is very interesting to find that in the early stage of their development, almost without exception, they bypassed the marketing and promotion system advocated by the original traditional 4A advertising companies. Fax number database In the past, products were defined by brands and advertisements, telling you what I am and what you want through a series of product selling points, and through advocacy of consumption scenarios, consumption was finally formed.